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About Vudu

Vudu, Inc. is a content delivery and media technology company responsible for Vudu-branded interactive media services and devices. Vudu distributes full-length movies over the Internet to television in the United States of America. It does this with a content delivery network that uses a hybrid peer-to-peer TV technology. Vudu is sometimes stylized as VUDU and was acquired by Walmart in March 2010.
Vudu began by only making its own set-top boxes (the Vudu Box and the Vudu XL), but Vudu now primarily markets its software as a Smart TV / Connected TV platform and VoD (Video on Demand) distribution service to third-party consumer electronics devices. Vudu is also available within PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, iPad, Roku devices (such as Roku 2/LT/HD/XD/XS, and the Roku 3) and select Android Tablets.


How do I get started using the In-home Disc to Digital service?

The In-home Disc to Digital service is a new feature of our VUDU To Go application. The process is quick and easy and allows you to start storing your DVDs in the cloud in minutes. Put your movies in the cloud in just few simple steps:

  1. Download the VUDU To Go application.
  2. Click the “Disc to Digital” option tab in the application.
  3. Insert a disc.
  4. Pick your quality (SD or HD).
  5. Repeat step 3 for another disc.
  6. Complete the checkout process.

You’re ready to enjoy your movies anytime, anywhere, on any VUDU-enabled device!

What is VUDU To Go?

VUDU To Go is an application that allows you to download your movies and TV shows from VUDU to watch offline. The Disc to Digital service is a new feature added to the VUDU To Go application. It lets you convert your Blu-ray™ discs and DVDs to digital copies at home and store them in the cloud so you can watch them anywhere.

Why should I convert my discs to digital?

When you convert your discs to digital copies you can stream them from the cloud to any VUDU-enabled device. Enjoy the convenience of watching your movies without your discs. You’ll get to:

  • Stream your movies directly to your VUDU-enabled devices such as iPad®, computer, Xbox 360®, PlayStation® 3, Blu-ray player, and HDTV from the cloud
  • Upgrade your movies to 1080p and enjoy the best cinema experience possible
  • Safeguard your movies by storing them in the cloud forever

UtraViolet is the industry standard for storing your movies in the cloud. All Disc to Digital titles and movies* you own on VUDU are now UltraViolet compatible.

Can I visit a Walmart Store to convert my discs to digital?

Yes, the same service is also available at Walmart Stores. Prior to visiting the store visit to learn more about the In-store Disc to Digital service.

What if I don’t have a DVD or Blu-ray drive?

You can also take your DVDs and Blu-ray discs to Walmart stores and use the In-store Disc to Digital program to convert your discs.

Can I use my DVD drive to convert a Blu-ray disc?

No. DVD drives cannot read Blu-ray discs, but Blu-ray players can read DVDs. You will have to convert your Blu-ray discs with the In-store Disc to Digital program if you do not have a Blu-ray player.

What operating systems can run the VUDU To Go application?

Currently the application is available for Mac and Windows computers only.

How do I get the In-home Disc to Digital feature?

If you have a Mac or a Windows computer you can go to to download the VUDU To Go application to access the Disc to Digital feature.

How much does it cost to convert a DVD or Blu-ray disc to digital and add it to my UltraViolet and VUDU account?

  • $2 per DVD to convert to Standard Definition (‘SD’)
  • $2 per Blu-ray disc to convert to High Definition with Dolby Digital Plus Surround Sound (‘HDX’)
  • $5 per DVD to convert and upgrade to HDX

What are the details around the special promotional offer for In-home Disc to Digital?

For a limited time during this promotion period, VUDU is offering a $2 credit to use towards your first conversion of a DVD or Blu-ray disc via the In-home Disc to Digital service. If you want to upgrade to 1080p HDX, you will need to pay an additional $3 on your conversion. Plus, if you convert 10 or more discs in a single transaction, you’ll get 50% off the entire transaction. See below for additional terms and conditions.

What is UltraViolet?

UltraViolet is a new industry standard that allows you to store your movies securely in the cloud. It keeps a permanent record of all your movie purchases so you can build your digital movie collection safely and securely. With UltraViolet, you can now easily access your movies any time, any place, on your favorite connected devices, including your TV. VUDU is the first and only company to offer thousands of titles in UltraViolet, accessible across millions of VUDU-enabled devices.

Do I need an UltraViolet account to use the Disc to Digital service?

Yes, you need to have an UltraViolet account linked to your VUDU account to use the Disc to Digital service. You will need to create a free UltraViolet account in order to use the Disc to Digital service. Once you create your UltraViolet account, any movies from participating studios that you purchase electronically on VUDU, including any past purchases will be automatically registered within your UltraViolet account at no extra charge to you. You will also be able to redeem UltraViolet e-copies offered with select DVDs and Blu-ray discs offered by participating studios.

Can I use VUDU to access UltraViolet movies that I purchased at other retailers and/or redeemed on other services?

Yes, you can stream and download any UltraViolet movies using VUDU, at no extra charge to you, regardless of where they were purchased, provided that: 1) you have registered those movies in your UltraViolet account and 2) VUDU has a licensing relationship with the participating studio or distributor.

Why aren’t all of my movies available for Disc to Digital conversion?

The list of movies available for Disc to Digital conversion is comprised of titles that have been legally cleared for digital distribution from studios participating in the UltraViolet program. We expect the number of titles available for Disc to Digital conversion to grow over time.

If I purchase a movie to own on VUDU, will it automatically be added to my UltraViolet account?

As long as the movie is available for UltraViolet redemption and your VUDU and UltraViolet accounts are linked together, the title should be added and accessible through both your UltraViolet and VUDU account. Look for the UltraViolet logo to see if a movie is UltraViolet-compatible.

Does it cost anything to watch my UltraViolet movies using VUDU?

No, there is no cost for watching your UltraViolet movies using VUDU.

Which studios are supporting UltraViolet?

The studios supporting UltraViolet at this time include: Paramount Home Media Distribution, Sony Pictures Home Entertainment, Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment, Universal Studios Home Entertainment, Lionsgate Entertainment and Warner Bros. Home Entertainment.